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Welcome to 2015

Hopefully it should be a good year for Bradford and District areas, with the start of the building of the Westfield shopping centre, and the demolition of the old Bradford and Bingley building in Bingley.

Well done to the mighty Bantams for knocking Millwall out of the FA Cup. It was a spectacular display from Bradford, a well deserved win and the fans were magnificent as always. So we are up against Chelsea next Saturday and in true Bradford style, fans started queuing for tickets at 10 pm last night despite the snow and freezing temperatures. It's such a shame that there were not enough tickets to meet demand and I really feel for those fans who queued for 9+ hours and still did not get any tickets. I think it's really unfair that people were able to buy multiple tickets for friends and family that hadn't queued. Anyway, for those lucky fans who will be at Stamford Bridge, I am sure you will be awesome in your support and do us Bradford fans and the team proud!



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They've only gone, and done it again!

Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4

Well done Guys. Onwards, and upwards.


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